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Replacement Parts  

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Wide Band Commander
  • There two new (Digital) and two analog Gauges available, please select the gauge to update/upgrade your WideBand Commander
  • To order complete Package, please click here
Gauge Kit, Black Analog 52mm
Part #: 15-7019
Gauge 01
Gauge Kit, White Analog 52mm
Part #: 15-7021
Gauge 00

There are:Bosch 5 Wire LSU4 Wide Band Sensor and Weld Boss Kit available as Replacement Parts

Bosch 5 Wire LSU4 Wide Band Sensor
This sensor gives the Wide Band Commander the capability to read from 10.1:1 to 18.1:1.
Part #: 48292001
Weld Boss Kit
Kit includes:
Plug (part #37318133)
Copper Washer (part #36973000)
Weld Boss (part #37218120)
Sensor Weld Boss & Plug
LCD Wideband Harness
Part Number: #76950025
Sensor Weld Boss & Plug
1GB SD Memory Storage Card for LCD Unit
Part Number: #94200019
Sensor Weld Boss & Plug
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